Digital Auto Lensmeter slk 5400


Advanced hartmann measurement theory, cluster measurement can throught 108 points at the same thime, it guarantee the measure result stable and accurate by an easy and rapid way, also enable progressive multi-focal lens and high bending rate lens measurement.

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Digital Auto Lensmeter slk 5600


  • The ISO standard green LED measurement light, wavelength of 545nm, measurement of lens no need any number of setting abbe, make measurement mor rapid, stable and accurate.
  • The measurement of cluster area, So that access to data more accurate and reliable.
  • Accurately measure color lens with transmittance of 10%
  • Automatically identify the type of lens, and automatically switch measurement mode, more convenient measurement of multi-focal lens.
  • Mignont, stylish, elegant.
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      Lensmeter RL 130


      Type Direct scaie reading system
      Target Corona Target
      Vertex Power Scale 0 TO+_ Diopters
      Graduations 0.25D Graductions Upto +_20D
      Prism Diopter Scale 0TO 5 Prism DIOPTER, 1Graduation
      Protractor Scale 0 _180_0 5 Gradution on main Scale
      Holding Capacity 30mm to 80mm Diameter Lenses
      Tilt Angle 0 to 90 Adjustable
      Dimension 300(L)x? 150(W)x 200(H)mm
      Weight 2.5Kg.{Appx.)
      Power Source 2xl.5VAA Size Dry Cel l(or) 220 Volt AC SUPPLY
      ILLumination 2.3 Volt