Can measure and observe IOL that is inserted after extracting crystalline lens from cataract
Cornea Refractive Power, Cornea Curvature Measurement

Wide area of spherical power from -25.0D to + 22.0D and cylinder powerfrom -10.0D to +10.0D can be measured using specially designed PRK-9000.

More exact cornea curvature can be measured from 5.0MM to 10.2MM by improved optical science design method
Cornea, Iris, Cornea Size Measurement

With image capture function of LED reflected image. cornea, iris, and pupil size can be measured conveniently.
Colored Fogging Chart

Patients eyes can be naturally fogged when measuring their eyes, so control interference can be forbidden, Therefore, measurement reliability can improved with more exact date.
Speedy Printer

A speedy printing can analyze various measurement date easily.
Automatic Power-Saving Mode

In case user does not use the machine for certain time (user can set using time at SET-UP mode).
system is changed to power-saving mode to avoid unnecessary power consumption and overhealing of inner circuit

Higher Resolution TFT LCD

With 6.4 inch TFT LCD, wide and superior image quality along with colored letters can be provided.

Automatic PD Measurement

PD measurements are performed automatically after measuring binocular power , and it displays in LCD window.

Automatic Chin-Rest Control Function
Chin-rest can be controlled automatically by one-touch button so that user can measure faster and easier

Communication Function Among Machineries

User can measure and analyze date from refractor, lens meter and other machinery using RS-232C.