img The Auto Refractometer MATRONIX Q 30 FROM KORIA have the function of quick measurement for diopter of 2mm MIN.pupil size & lastest TFT LCD design. With the help of our experienced team members, we have been able to manufacture and supply a wide range of Auto Refractometer. Technically advance range of our devices are available with us in various range and models.

Opthalmic / ENT Microscope


img Magnification 5x to 25x continues.
img Eye piece pair SWF 15x.
img Inbuilt light source 15v/150w,twin bulb.
img Illumination through fibre optic cable 6mm 4ft.
img Maximum illumination 90,000lux.
img Fine focusing manual 54mm.
img Adjustable handle for handling.
img Working distance 200mm
img Heavy floor stand with five caster wheel.


img Objective lens f-300mm, f-400mm.
img Beem splitter.C Mount with camera.
img Beem Splitter with Side observation tube